Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy – By registering an account with Bestballbet, it is our responsibility to protect our members’ information. We do not sell or share our members’ information with any third parties unless we receive prior explicit consent. We reserve all the rights to the information published on this website in its entirety regardless of the format used. Any unauthorized use, sharing, or distribution shall be subject to legal action.

Safety – Our members’ privacy and safety are our utmost priority and we shall do our best to guard sensitive information and prevent any unauthorized data access. Members can request access to information concerning their account or delete their account at any time. Please note that Bestballbet shall not bear or is liable for any damages arising out of misusage of our services or sharing sensitive data or membership login details with third parties.


Bestballbet’s objective is to provide entertainment for its members while sharing the excitement over mutual wins. It is also our commitment to support members bet responsibly while minimizing the risk of harm. Betting may be risky and have adverse social, financial or health effects if not taken seriously. Subscribers should ensure that the risks involved are fully understood before using our services. Bestballbet shall not be held responsible for any damages, losses, guarantees, or warranties, direct or indirect, that a member or a third party might have endured as a consequence of using our services.