Free Analysis

Regensburg - Aue

Next to the word “blackout”, there is no other word that can describe the Regensburg team at the moment. Despite taking an early three-goal lead in the first 11 minutes of their away match against Sandhausen, they ended up suffering an upset losing 6-3. That was their 2nd consecutive defeat and immediately must get back on the winning path because Ulm and Dynamo Dresden are approaching. The only absences are Gebhardt (20/0 first goalkeeper) and Hottmann (14/1).

Aue passed victoriously in the Saxony derby against Dynamo Dresden (2-1) and moved up to 8th place, six points away from the play-offs rise. That was a second consecutive victory and are undefeated in the last 4 rounds (3-1-0). Coach Dotchev has serious problems for this match and can’t count on Danhof (26/3 suspended), Sijarić (24/0 suspended), Vukančić (23/0), Thiel (22/2), Rosenlöcher (18/0), and Nkansah (6/0).

With egos bruised by the unbelievable defeat by Sandhausen, Regensburg will give their best to get back on the winning road, but their defense without the main goalkeeper is unstable. That’s why I chose to score two goals.

Regensburg Over 1.5 (Team Total Goals) Odd:1.85

Ternana - Lecco

Ternana traveled to Reggio Emilia to face Reggiana, as underdogs. Their start was impressive, as they took the lead in the 9th minute and had a couple of chances to make it 0-2. In the 2nd half, they also showed a good performance and deservedly scored in the 76th minute. They returned to success after a negative streak of three games (0-1-2) and they urgently needed the three points as a psychological boost to continue with undiminished intensity to secure survival in Serie B. The only absences are Favasuli (22/0) and Viviani (3/0). Lecco suffered the 6th defeat in a row, this time at home against Cosenza (1-3). The situation is getting more and more difficult, and they will have a hard task to keep their place in Serie B. Coach Aglietti has serious problems with absences and can’t count on three key midfielders Ioniţă (25/3), Crociata (24/1 suspended), and Sersanti (24/1 suspended). Lecco is going from bad to worse, while Ternana comes from a great victory, which will give them an additional boost to score an important three points.

Home win2.00

Alcoyano - Malaga

Malaga has serious problems with absences for the upcoming match against Alcoyano. Due to various reasons top scorer Roberto (24/11), Villodres (20/3), Zuniga (14/0 left), Juanpe (13/0), Sangalli (11/0), Merino (4/0), and Abaida (3/2) are out of the squad. In the last 4 away games, they won only once and will have a difficult match against a quality team of Alcoyano, who won 3 from the last 4 home matches.

Alcoyano Draw No Bet2.20