Covid 19 outbreak in Pisa

Difficult moments for D’Angelo’s team. In a view of this afternoon’s match against Cosenza, Pisa will have five positive players on Covid 19 and there will be other absences due to injuries. At least 7-8 players are out of the squad.December 18, 20210
Financial Problems, Injuries

AEK new problems

Basketball Greece There is no end to the problems of the AEK basketball team. Dimitris Mavroidis was tested positive on Covid 19 and this is another „headache” after the many problems with injuries. He is definitely out for a European Champions League game against Treviso on Wednesday (22.12.21). An additional problem is the financial situation...December 17, 20210
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Hallescher in deep crisis

After the defeat against Wehen, Hallescher coach Florian Schnorrenberg is under big pressure to stabilize the team. Sports director Ralf Minge is unsatisfied with the team’s performance who won only one point in the last 5 rounds. Also, problems with injuries are getting bigger, and out of the squad are Rivero (13/1), Herzog (9/1), Muller...December 16, 20210

Graficar Beograd absence for the match against Loznica

The extended season has left its mark on Graficar players, who are feeling tired in front of the last round. Coach Neđić said that young players have many obligations in the national teams Under 19 or U21, and a significant number of them played in the qualifications for the European Championship. The most experienced players...December 15, 20210

Huge problems in Hansa Rostock

Hansa Rostock has a major absence before the last game of the year against Karlsruhe (19.12.21). Due to injuries and suspensions coach Jens Hartel can’t count on top scorer Verhoek (17/10 suspended), Behrens (16/3), Rossbach (16/0), Neidhart (15/0), Omladic (14/1), Frode (12/1 suspended), Scherff (5/0) and Litka. These are key players in the starting lineup...December 15, 20210

Diego Simeone headaches

Antoine Griezmann (13/3) joined the “hospital” in Atletico Madrid. Injury crisis for coach Simeone is further increased after several key players are already out. The biggest problems are in the last line where defenders Savic (13/0), Jimenez (10/0), and Vrsaljko (6/1) are injured, while Koke (13/0) is questionable for the derby match against Sevilla on...December 15, 20210
Financial Problems

Wages are late players on strike

Basketball North Macedonia Rabotnicki in trouble Rabotnicki convincingly lost against Euro Nickel, but black clouds are above the club. Foreign players (Jackson, Mustafica, Macura and Loisere) refused to play in the last match. They traveled with the rest of the team, but protest due to delays of salaries. If the management didn’t resolve the financial...December 14, 20210
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The situation in FK Senica football club

The situation in FK Senica football club came to the public's attention with the fact that during the season, there was to be a change of ownership.April 28, 20200
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The future of the Czech second league football club Baník Sokolov is very uncertain. This season they are playing in desperate form with only one win in 17 rounds.April 28, 20200
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Armenian Premier League club FC Lori is facing serious financial problems. Owner of club Tovmas Grigoryan and founder of the Talgrig company, declared bankruptcy.April 28, 20200