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Hello everybody, a warm welcome from the Bestballbet team!

I am Mario and we are a dynamic and hardworking bunch of some 20 passionate football fans and sports aficionados, each with its own unique skill, contributing to the Bestballbet story. Diego is a single father and former goalkeeper.  Lara is a line judge. Nikos is a fitness trainer. We have lawyers, footballers, mathematicians, economists, sports agents, and people who understand the situation very well in football championships and follow them closely around the world.

Getting to do football analysis is rarely an easy task. I have had many ups and downs in my life. I started as a footballer, then I continued working as a financial analyst, and for almost 15 years now I have been professionally involved in football, football analysis and football forecasts. Football is my favorite by far, I have to admit! Having been on the field myself, I know what it’s like to run for 90 minutes without catching a breath, and that also helped me build a good network of contacts that stretches from Asia to America.

Our football analyses at Bestballbet are a result of thorough research and hard work considering all factors affecting football outcomes, for example from injured and suspended players to cooperation between teams. Our main goal is to help you win, then win some more, and keep winning – all based on the most accurate sports data available to our team. Our arguments are brief and to the point, stemming from an in-depth analysis of the highest standard. Our people have both the experience and knowledge of the betting industry, some of them even come from the betting industry itself. We are pitching in new content and provide regular updates so we can support you in maximizing your income each time.

What makes us unique is our methodology. Our team performs meticulous checks daily regarding odds from football matches. When we doubt a game, we always try to investigate and find extra data and inside-and-out information to validate the source through our worldwide network of collaborators. We have some of biggest value-for-money subscription packages available on the market. Bestballbet offers analyses from 85+ countries and 300+ leagues which are active in different parts of the season. Matches featured will usually be of leagues that you cannot often find information on and would bring about a great gain.

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The situation in FK Senica football club

The situation in FK Senica football club came to the public’s attention with the fact that during the season, there was to be a change of ownership.


The future of the Czech second league football club Baník Sokolov is very uncertain. This season they are playing in desperate form with only one win in 17 rounds.


Armenian Premier League club FC Lori is facing serious financial problems. Owner of club Tovmas Grigoryan and founder of the Talgrig company, declared bankruptcy.


The players from Clube Desportivo das Aves are in an extremely fragile position. The Portuguese Primeira Liga club has serious financial troubles…